Brand Highlight >> Scandinavian Simplicity with CAM CAM Copenhagen

September 28, 2016

Brand Highlight >> Scandinavian Simplicity with CAM CAM Copenhagen

The first time we set eyes on Cam Cam Copenhagen was on one of our many trips to Copenhagen, we were pregnant with Harry and perusing the Children's collection at Illums Bolighus (the top department store in the city) picking out all the things we would have in the nursery if only we could find them in the UK...

It was during this trip that Scandibørn was conceived and this is in no small part down to Cam Cam - so thank you Cam Cam Copenhagen!

About Cam Cam

Cam Cam was founded in 2012 by architect Sara Giese Camre. She fostered the idea of creating a children’s interior company, after her own maternity leave. ’I couldn’t find anything for my daughter’s room, which I felt harmonized with our belief and desire to create a beautiful, yet soothing atmosphere for our child. Sara started creating the products herself and not before long she was sewing products for her friends and friends’ friends.

Cam Cam's design philosophy and approach is to create timeless, poetic design, combining tradition with contemporary design. Their goal is to create products with an enduring design and material quality, which will be appreciated for generations to come. We love the calm and harmonious feel which they capture so beautifully in their imagery.

Cam Cam uses GOTS certified 100% organic cotton which not only protects the environment but also the people working in it to create your products.

Our Favourites

So what are our favourite pieces in Cam Cam's collection - there really are too many to count so here's a round up of our top 3.

1. The hot air balloon light - the perfect ceiling light for a nursery. They feature the ever popular Grey Wave pattern and come with either a mint or dusty rose coloured cord.

2. Cam Cam Cot Bumpers - twice the size of standard UK bumpers, they cover 3 sides of the cot with extra padding for protection. Always tie the ties on the outside of the cot.

3.Play Quilt - super soft quilted blanket. It can either be used as a bedspread, a playmat or simply as a cuddle blanket. Taking its inspiration from Japan, the quilt is stitched with a classic Japanese Asanoha star pattern. Its simple, contemporary design means it fits with most nursery interiors and looks equally as good in the family living space.


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