The Launch of Scandiborn

August 01, 2016

The Launch of Scandiborn

Well, we can't believe the big day has finally arrived and we're going to press the go button on our big adventure. That's really what this is for us, a huge leap into the unknown with an idea that we think you're going to love. 

Who are the faces behind Scandiborn?

Scandiborn is run by husband and wife duo - James and Grace, their son Harry, the inspiration for the business has just turned one. James is a little photo shy but we'll make sure he features later in the blog!

What were the drivers for setting up your own business?

We have always loved interiors (Scandi ones unsurprisingly)..Maternity leave gave me (Grace) some much needed headspace to think about my career, the life we wanted to build post kids and it also allowed me to formulate the business plan that I had thought so much about when I was pregnant. Simultaneously my husband, James got made redundant and we decided (against the advice of pretty much everyone!) to invest the very small pay out, take a leap of faith and go for it. 

Why Scandi?

We love the whole ethos that surrounds Scandinavian living and interiors, it places value on buying products that will last years and fulfil different needs as our lives change. We’d spent a long time getting our home just perfect and having children seemed to open the door into a whole range of eye sores that I didn’t want lying round our living room (don’t get me wrong Harry still has a whole lot of plastic toys they are just stowed away in stylish storage bags!). We felt there was a gap in the market for people like us who wanted to be able to create beautiful, playful and stylish spaces for their children that fitted with their contemporary homes.

Thanks for stopping by...and watch this space we are so excited to start this new part of our lives. 

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