Brand Highlight >> NOFRED 'There's a mouse in the house'

September 15, 2016

Brand Highlight >> NOFRED 'There's a mouse in the house'

For the first of our blog posts we wanted to focus on one of our absolute favourite ranges, the gorgeous Nofred furniture. 

We recently took a trip to CIFF in Copenhagen. We love Copenhagen. It’s such a beautiful, laid back city with a great vibe and while we were there we got the chance to catch up with our friends at Nofred.

Nofred Mouse Chair

Nofred’s furniture combines that gorgeous mid-century style, with a modern twist and an effortless Scandinavian beauty. They really are the perfect addition to any design led home and we fell in love with these beautiful, wooden pieces as soon as the first samples arrived. We even had to buy one ourselves.

Our admiration for Nofred’s furniture is obvious but now we can add their amazing wallpaper and blankets to that list too. This was the first time we'd had a chance to see these new products up close and they really are as beautiful as they look, inspired by the stuff of souvenirs, snapshots and unfamiliar scenes. We're hoping to have both the blankets and wallpaper in stock in late September. We just need to decide which room is getting redecorated.

Nofred Wallpaper and blankets

Of course we’re biased but it seems we’re not the only ones that love Nofred. Their Mouse chair also won the prestigious ‘Best Design’ Award at this year’s Playtime Paris. High praise indeed.

If you’ve got a stylish home and you’re looking for a kids furniture then Nofred really is the perfect choice. But the other reason we have such a fondness for Nofred is they share our ethos of quality and sustainability. This furniture is designed to be a part of your family's home for years to come. 

The Mouse chair is available in five finishes and the table in two different versions. You can check out the Nofred range here and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter so you know when we have their wonderful new products in stock.

Nofred Mouse chair and table in white

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