Sebra Bed Linen in Garden



Look at the cute ladybird crawling across the field with two ants and a grasshopper, and the snail making his way past the toadstools. 

The garden print consists of small, cute illustrations of insects, plants, fruits and vegetables. 

Three sensory flaps of material have been stitched onto the duvet cover – the largest has an illustration of a beautiful dandelion with little parachute-like dandelion seeds being puffed into the world. The middle one with a snail and the smallest with a Sebra logo.  

The duvet and pillowcase both come with a YKK zip and are wrapped in a small, lovely bag of the same material and print. Use the bag for storing small toys, dummies etc.

About the GOTS certification:
This guarantees an organic and sustainable product, which is produced based on a number of high environmental standards throughout the production chain – right from the harvesting of the raw materials to the packaging.
GOTS ensures that the product is produced under good working conditions.

Materials: 100% cotton, GOTS Certified

Duvet Cover: 140 x 100cm

Pillow Case: 45 x 40cm

3-5 working days




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